spring table design for City Club Los Angeles

City Club Toast & Tour Spring Table

Back in February, I was asked to design a spring table at City Club‘s Toast & Tour Event. City Club is where diverse community and business leaders connect to move the city, the nation, and the world forward. As the premier private business club of Los Angeles, City Club embraces and reflects the diversity and spirit of the city.

Since City Club is private, it’s generally open only to members – except for the few times a year they open up to potential wedding couples. Toast & Tour is one such event, focused on design and creativity. With the amazing view as a backdrop, I wanted to shake off the winter blues and look forward to spring!

spring table design for City Club Los Angeles

Photo by Kristina Lee Photography

Tulips, pastels, butterflies…all the things that remind me of spring!


I’m forever in love with the details of this tablescape – the concrete chargers, baby pink flatware and two-tone ceramic plates. The sum total is a dreamy spring-scape!




Florals were the focus of the design. I wanted the tall centerpieces to feel lush and loose like they were just picked from the garden and brought to the table, but dramatically so. Of course. As you do.


Who doesn’t love a dramatic tulip display?


Can I admit something embarrassing? It’s my blog, so I will. This event was the morning after a big wedding, so when I arrived I was VERY tired. Add to this the fact that I am not a morning person, and I didn’t have any coffee at all, and, well…it was inevitable that a mistake would happen. Can you see what the mistake is? Here’s a close-up.


THE BREAD AND BUTTER PLATE IS IN THE WRONG PLACE. IT’S ON THE WRONG SIDE. You guys. Mortified. All day long, I kept looking at the table and fussing with it, feeling that something was wrong. But I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Do you know when I realized? At 2:00 am that night when I couldn’t sleep. THAT’S when I realized. For months and months, I debated whether I should post this shoot. After all, I don’t want to put a badly set table out there in the world. But. I am a human person and I’m not perfect. And here’s the proof.

I’m still proud of the overall design – I love the color palette, the florals, the chairs, the tablescape elements, and the easy elegance of the table design. It’s so on brand for Moxie Bright. I think we do “easily elegant” very well.



And you’d better believe that I will NEVER set the bread plates on the wrong side of the plates again. NEVER.


Always a fun time working with Tabitha Abercrombie, the floral genius of Winston & Main.

Thanks, City Club, for inviting me to design a table for Toast & Tour. And extra special thanks to all the uber talented vendors listed below for their time, talents, and generosity!Renee signature. Renée. Moxie Bright Events.




Creative Team

Design & Planning: Moxie Bright Events Floral Design: Winston & Main Rentals, Table & Chairs: La Pinata Party Rentals Rentals, tabletop: BorrowedBlu Stationery: Heirloom PaperCo. Photography: Kristina Lee Photography Venue: City Club

Styled Shoot

Sep 4, 2018

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