Be at ease                         Be present                         Be in love

Be at ease       Be present       Be in love

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Take a deep breath, loves. Because you just stressed about your wedding for the last time.

It doesn’t have to happen like this for you.

Your to-do list is endless and unprioritized. Pressures from family or societal expectations mount, and resentfulness sets in. And then it happens—unforeseen problems arise and you don’t have experience dealing with vendors and venues. Carefully made plans unravel, and suddenly, this is no fun. On your big day, you are stressed out. Exhausted. And your wedding somehow doesn’t feel like you at all. So much work for a whirlwind six-hour window you didn’t even really enjoy.

Overwhelm begins to rear its ugly head as logistics get confusing, and you begin to feel like you don't have a clear path forward.

...but it’s so easy to fall into during the planning process. The excitement of the engagement is intoxicating, but inevitably, the high wears off when you’re confronted with a harsh reality—“Oh crap. Now I have to plan this wedding.” 

“Frazzled” is not a good wedding day look.

- Gillian & Jon

“Moxie Bright is the best wedding planning choice you could make!”

All you need is a team of experts on your side.

Wedding design, planning, management.
Logistical, emotional, and creative challenges that arise.
Finding the perfect (for you) vendors and venues.
Achieving a chic, fun vibe (that’s not trying too hard).
Prioritizing what matters most to you and your partner.
Throwing a celebration folks are still talking about.
Literally All. The. Things.

You don’t have to do this alone. Get assistance with:

- Jason and Jeff

“Our wedding day would never have been as fabulous & flawless without Renee's expertise, finesse, & professionalism.”

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You should never feel like you are playing dress-up at someone else's wedding. Let's get to the heart of what you and your partner desire.

Most couples want their big day to go smoothly, for everything to look gorgeous, and to have fun, right? You’re not alone there. But you’re different than most couples because you’ 

Your WHY is different than anyone else’s. This will be the first time you're presenting yourself as a married couple. You get to choose how, and we’ll help you honor that in an effortlessly chic way. 

This approach adds a deeper layer of meaning. Your guests will witness something truly unique and special. Not just free drinks and tiny bites. Although we like those too, of course.

Let’s talk about what you want. 

Hello, there.  I'm Renee.

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High touch & highly personalized


Get Married at a wedding that truly feels like a reflection of you and your partner, while we ensure your wedding flows effortlessly.

Step 3:

Get Excited as we get to work bringing your vision to life, ensuring that no detail is left unplanned.

Step 2:

Contact us so we can get to know you, and your wedding and planning needs.

Step 1:

Bringing your vision to life is simpler than you think.

- Amy and Aaron

“Renee is the perfect combination of professional, empathetic, detail-oriented, responsive, connected, & effective. Also, she's just a total pleasure to be around - equal parts warm & funny. Hiring her was easily the best decision we made in terms of value.”

- Kendall and Dave

“I honestly don't know what I would have done without Renee. She has loads of experience and is incredibly knowledgeable - she's like a walking wedding encyclopedia. It's 100% WORTH IT to hire a planner, especially when that planner is Renee. I'm forever thankful.”

- Light and Frank

“Our wedding turned out to be one of the most love-filled, magical days of our lives. Renee truly understood who we were and what we wanted, sometimes more than us! We couldn't recommend her more. Our friends are already booking her!”

- Lucy and David

“Cliche as it sounds, our wedding truly was one of the best days ever. Really. Renee consistently went above and beyond the call of duty, making it easy for us to enjoy the journey of planning our LA wedding from DC. Hire her. You'll be happy you did!”

- Christina and Matt

“Renee has the perfect balance of sweetness and assertiveness. She is on top of everything at all times! Everyone, from venue employees to family and friends, loved working with her. Not a single thing fell through the cracks. Ask and you shall receive! She's wonderful.”

- Ethan and Daniel

“Let us put this as simply and directly as we can: if you want to plan a wedding that you will love and that will go off without a hitch, then hire Renee. We planned our entire wedding while across the country via Skype and email - an incredible testament to how good Renee is as what she does.”

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You should never be asked to multitask on your wedding day. The only thing you have to do is be in love, and get married. It’s our job to care about the things you can’t.

Be the guests of honor, not the problem solvers.