You know you need a team to take care of the details and ensure things go according to plan, but more than that, you have to trust someone else to translate your loveliest dreams into the wedding you envision. It would be so wrong if the feel of the day was off, and you and your partner felt like you were playing a part at someone else’s wedding.

Listen, I know it feels overwhelming trying to choose the right person to help plan your wedding.

Hello, loves. I’m so glad you’re here.

Before I became an event planner, I was a theatre producer, director, and actor. My background in professional theatre has proven to be an asset to clients like you, as I bring leadership, creativity, a sense of humor, and a calm demeanor to all my events!

Secret weapon #2 - this is the really big one. I have a background in fine dining and hospitality. I know the organization and expert attention to detail it takes to execute a major event, and I do it in a way that not only honors you and your family, but also makes your guests feel welcomed and integral to your day. Many wedding planners are missing this.

Since 2008, I’ve helped hundreds of couples, just like you, release overwhelm and experience the joy they deserve.

I have two big secret weapons that make this happen.

At Moxie Bright Events, I see and hear you.

Above all, I keep the process light-hearted and fun. That’s what I want for you.

I’m open-minded to your wants and desires. I’ve been called the “no-nonsense Mary Poppins of wedding planning” (swoon!), and I think it’s because I’m a sweet but focused straight shooter who can make magic happen. I remain cool, calm, and collected no matter what, and there isn't anything I can't handle on a wedding day. (Ask me about the time I killed a large snake at a wedding, unbeknownst to the couple. Really.)

You feel cared for because I really learn who you are.

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I plan and manage everything so you can be fully present to enjoy your wedding and the people you've chosen to share it with. And when you’ve had the wedding of your dreams, you’ll wake up the next morning feeling like it was truly the best day of your life.  Contact me now, so we can get started.

You should feel grounded, well taken care of, and loved - on your wedding day, and all the days leading up to it.

Get Married at a wedding that truly feels like a reflection of you and your partner, while I ensure your wedding flows effortlessly.

Step 3:

Get Excited as I get to work bringing your vision to life, ensuring that no detail is left unplanned.

Step 2:

Contact me so I can get to know you, and your wedding and planning needs.

Step 1:

When overwhelm sets in and you don’t know where to start, start here: