Wedding at The 1909, Moxie Bright Events wedding planner

There are simply not enough stars to express how happy I was with Renee’s service.

Looking back at planning our wedding, I see it in two phases, “pre Renee” and “post Renee”. Pre Renee wedding planning was overwhelming and stressful and I always felt like I was forgetting something (that’s because I was ).

Post Renee, felt like lifting a Buick off of my shoulders. Nothing went unnoticed and she was so on top of everything that I was really motivated to get everything done at my end as well.

We hired Renee as a day of coordinator and feel like we got much much more.

Not only did she handle our wedding flawlessly, but we now consider her part of our circle of friends! If you are planning your wedding call her right now.

Aaron & Kim

Renee Dalo, Best Los Angeles Wedding Planner, Moxie Bright Events
bride & groom at marina, Best Los Angeles Wedding planner, Moxie Bright Events

I produce films and theatre for a living and so my expectations were very high for a full service wedding planner. We decided to hire a planner so that I could relax and enjoy the day instead of it feeling like just another production I needed to oversee. Renee exceeded my expectations on all fronts.

Reasons you should hire Renee:

1. Her warmth and sense of humor:  Planning meetings with Renee were fun, we have a new friend for life 2. Her attention to detail

Our wedding had a lot of moving parts (several performances & art installations) and she kept it moving like a well oiled machine, with each step and detail thought through and “plan B”ed.

3. Her advice

Renee always responded to my questions big and small, no matter how rookie. She would advise what “some people traditionally do” but would emphasize that we could do whatever we wanted b/c it was our day.

4. Her collaborative spirit

She was game for our wacky ideas. It felt like she was as excited to pull them off as we were. She never told us no, but would give thoughtful suggestions and reasons why we might want to do something in a more effective way.

5. Vendors

She hooked us up with an excellent florist, Winston & Main, who was totally our style and found us some awesome furniture rentals.

6. Her grace under fire

Day of, I got to relax and enjoy! Renee was cool as a cucumber and shielded us from unnecessary stress (one of our vendors was late, but we had no idea b/c everything flowed so smoothly)

I’m looking forward to having another occasion/excuse to work with Renee again.

Sara & Steve

Bride & Groom cut cake at SLS Beverly Hills, Moxie Bright Events, Best Los Angeles Wedding Planners

Renee was beyond amazing and invaluable in the planning and execution of our wedding! She always had wonderful ideas for how to make the event even more special, and helped us find compromises when the groom and I had a hard time deciding between options. She’s a pleasure to be around – sparkly and fun, but always professional. The day of the wedding, she made sure everything ran like clockwork, and kept the family organized and calm. I love working with Renee because it was like having a friend around, not just a “hired hand.” And there were plenty of extra touches she added, like bringing a thorough “emergency kit” for myself and the groom, full of little things we might need at the last minute or might have forgotten. It was so handy! I’d hire her again in a heartbeat. She is a talented, creative, and wonderful woman!

Dana & Paul

bride & groom at The 1909 Topanga Canyon, CA, Moxie Bright Events Los Angeles wedding planner

Renee Dalo saved our wedding… A few times, actually.

The first time was when, just a week prior to our wedding, our coordinator suffered a horrible family tragedy and rightfully had to bow out (our heart goes out to her). But we were nonetheless in the sudden position of having to find someone to help us with just 8 days to go. She dove in immediately and with great clarity. Within just two days she was fully up to speed and helping us figure out our last minute details, including some vendors who had yet to be signed.

But then, going into the last few days of our wedding, our venue starting throwing problem after problem at as. And as all the errors piled on top of each other we truly ended up facing a comically-unprecedented level of ineptness and poor communication to boot. And the entire time, Renee handled it perfectly. She kept tackling every crisis as it happened, calming us and assuring that it would work out, and yet still rightfully echoing our frustration with the venue’s continued errors (but only in that perfect way of recognizing the insanity, while never adding to it). It was more than we would ask of anyone.

And she saw us through it. Not only did she see us through it, but from the moment we walked into the ceremony, everything just went perfectly. We cannot imagine how she pulled it off. But most of all we cannot imaging having to tackle that day without Renee. She was the best coordinator anyone could ever imagine. Through her kindness, intelligence, and humor, she saved our wedding. By the end of the event, she felt like an old friend. And we are so grateful just to know her.


Mike & Erin

Two grooms on their wedding day, The Mountain Mermaid, CA, Moxie Bright Events Best Wedding Planner

Let us put this as simply and directly as we can: if you want to plan a wedding that you will love and that will go off without a hitch, then hire Renee. We planned our entire wedding while across the country while communicating only by Skype and email. That is an incredible testament to how good Renee is at what she does. We were hopeless at trying to plan our wedding on our own, and even worried about all the decisions we faced even with a planner. Renee managed the process so that we hardly noticed how easily she was guiding us through our choices. Peace of mind is an incredibly valuable commodity and for that alone Moxie Bright Events would be a no-brainier, but Renee and her team are so much more. Working with Renee was the easiest and best decision of our wedding–we hope it will be of yours as well. In a way that seems hardly imaginable for your own wedding, Renee helped plan something even better than we expected.

Ethan & Daniel

Moxie Bright Events, hip los angeles wedding planner, Renee Dalo
Bride & groom at Cafe Pinot, Downtown Los Angeles Wedding planner, Renee Dalo

Renee’s whole attitude, which is exactly what you’d want in a coordinator, is “Don’t worry, I got this.” I talked to several coordinators before deciding to go with Renee, and so glad I did because I could tell from the start that she isn’t just in the business because she likes weddings, but can handle them from an actual event management perspective and can make sure everything is under control. I had an issue with my rentals falling through 3 days before my wedding, and as she let me know (also reminding me not to freak out), she told me she already had a plan B with another vendor ready to go. She was super prepared and made sure everything went smoothly the day of my wedding, and wasn’t afraid to grab us from random guests trying to monopolize our time in order to make sure we got to see everyone and do everything we wanted to do that night. She has a no-nonsense attitude and makes it clear that you should be able to do whatever YOU want for your wedding and not worry about tradition or what anyone else is trying to force you into. I highly recommend Renee!

Erin & Eric